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Discover how my Core Values have shaped my Professional Journey

My name is Richard Duquette, I’m a Cinematographer (DP), Chief Solutions Officer
and Founder of Films.Solutions.

To begin, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to get to know more about my background, my purpose and the core values. They are the foundation for my life and business. 

Until now, not many people have known that I grew up on a working horse farm on 60 acres of land that has been in my family for 100 years.

I learned about the value of hard work on the homestead. Not to mention the importance of being consistent! It goes without saying that entrepreneurship is in my bones and resourcefulness courses through my veins. Caring for the animals and respecting the land that has sustained us for generations has also taught me to be a versatile and forward thinking problem solver. Most of all, it has given me a great respect for the beauty and the importance of our connection with nature.

Creative Spark – Playing with the light 

I’ve always been fascinated by how the light glistens on the snow during the long, cold winter months at the farm.

Recognizing my passion for documentary and filmmaking, my parents gave me my first camera when I was just a boy. I still remember the thrill of heading into the forest with my camera to capture the light and the essence of our land.

For that reason, I have the profound conviction that the quality of the light we capture has greater value and importance than the camera we shoot with.

Pushing my Limits means I’m always learning and growing

First, no obstacle is too great for me. In other words, I am constantly looking for ways to challenge myself. Growing up on a mountain meant that I was skiing before I could ride a bike and winning medals before I started school. My self-discipline stems from years of training, competing and achieving my goals as an internationally decorated athlete. Additionally, I’m a level 2 snowboard instructor, 4 Kui Aikido and 3 DAN full contact Karateka with a weapons specialty. (6 foot BO Stick and Kama Sickles). I’m also a PADI and NAUI Master Diver & assistant instructor with specializations in ice and deep diving. Yes, you could say I’m an adrenaline junkie. I love feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Without a doubt, everything I do stems from a passion and a need to push my limits. I can’t imagine living any other way.

Documentary Filmmaking is my true calling

My need for structure and implementing efficient processes, took root in College when I studied Computer Programming. However, after studying and working in IT for a few years, I realized it wasn’t my true passion. That’s when I decided to take my photography seriously. As a result, I was quickly hired as a fashion photographer by an international fashion house based in New York. It was a privilege to work with incredibly creative people from around the world. However, after a few years, I felt the need to leave the concrete jungles.

Establishing my roots on the farm once again, I realized my true calling for documentary and film making. I’ve been devoted to this mission ever since. Consequently, my atypical background and varied life experiences allow me to have a broad view and a wealth of expertise I can apply to every project I develop or co-create. My long-term vision is to have highly technical facilities for creatives to converge while being surrounded by nature.

I bring this energy to my work as a cinematographer and Chief Solutions Officer at Films.Solutions, my greatest passion project.


Richard Duquette Director of Photography

I’m proud to say that I presented 5 short films at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Serpents Lullaby, received the “Coup de Coeur” prize. It was an honour to be the Cinematographer on this multiple award winning dramatic short produced by Flirt Films and directed by Patricia Chica.


Richard Duquette is a world class cinematographer and we highly recommend his work. His work and artistry made my production a multiple award winning piece.

Patricia Chica -Director, Producer , Flirt Films

Cinematography courtesy of Richard Duquette is somewhat reminiscent of the best of Chanel’s advertising in that it is packed with stylish symbolism and comes across as very classy.

Kayleigh Marie Edwards, GINGER NUTS OF HORROR

incredible cinematography and beautiful coloring…smooth and flowing camera motions

Kirsten Walsh, ROGUE CINEMA


Are you ready to take action and bring your creative vision to life?

Over the years, I’ve noticed that many of the professionals in our industry work in silos. As a result, Directors, Producers and Broadcasters, are often faced with a human resource and logistical nightmare. I’m sure you’ll agree that dealing with several independent contractors with varying levels of expertise and enthusiasm sometimes creates less than ideal work environments on set. Additionally, finding the ideal filming equipment and being responsible for tech support is a recipe for time delays and cost explosions.

The solution is simple.

Every documentary and film production needs an experienced overseer who can offer a turn-key project management solution.

I created Films.Solutions out of a desire to optimize the documentary and filmmaking process. To that end, I’ve assembled a a stable documentary and film crew composed of award winning and experienced specialists who benefit from on-going training on our own Camera & film equipment. Remember, we’re not a production company. We’re a VIP documentary and film solution provider. We handle all the moving parts of your production so you can focus on your creative vision.

Are we in alignment?

Undoubtedly, life is too short to work projects that don’t make you feel alive. Tell me more about why your project needs to exist and we’ll get in touch to explore the possibilities together.

Work with us!