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Films.Solutions, a team of Film Fixers and image technicians, whether your production is small or large, we are here to assist you. A Canadian Film Fixer team that knows the country from coast to coast. Let our production crew be your work force in Canada

The Solutions

We are fixers, and our job is to support your production process


Our technical department covers the entire range of equipment required for your film production

The Films.Solutions network has grown with the addition of resources across Canada, from film crews to regional producers to high mountain guides, our network extends across Canada. Canadian film fixer and film professional crew

The Network

throughout Canada is built around our highly experienced and motivated team

A film production team in Canada that has grown around Film and Television Series Producers. A team of Film Fixer, film location manager, news researchers and journalists, specialized technicians, DOP. The team is multidisciplinary and highly efficient.

Our Crew

Our crew, your dream : a marriage made in movie heaven

Your next film production will be on point, on time & on budget thanks to our crew of professional film fixers.

Based in Montreal, Canada, our friendly and efficient film fixers provide directors, producers and broadcasters with a range of turn-key film solutions. Furthermore if you need location scouting, a cinematographer (DOP), Grip/Electric, Camera equipment and Sound person, a documentary or film crew , drones and drone operators, Unit services, transportation, Data Wrangling, reshooting or mobile units,  we’ve got you covered!

How will your documentary or film production benefit from our services?

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Film crew preparing the lighting for the next scene. Our cinematographer makes sure of the angle and diffusion of the light. Shooting in winter of a short film in a farm. Choice of shooting locations adapted to the story.

Stay focused on your vision

From the first briefing to the window shot, our fixers are the backbone of your operation. In fact, we’ll gladly handle all the moving parts of your production with maximum efficiency! Wouldn’t you love to focus only on what you do best? Hire us and we’ll show you how that is possible.

Optimize your production thanks to our highly qualified production crew. During the film production, we not only capture professional quality images, but we also make sure a very good film location and that we have a set that works efficiently and puts guests and technicians in a good mood.

Produce with an Award winning Film Crew

We believe you deserve peace of mind while filming. Our crew is an extremely efficient, established, easygoing and adaptable. In fact, we’ve been collaborating on film productions for years in climates ranging from arctic to tropical. As a result, we are often a few steps ahead and ready to face any challenge as a team.

Films.Solutions on set with only the best filmmaking equipment

Enjoy filming with the ideal equipment

First of all, we will only provide the ideal camera, lighting and sound equipment and all the important extras you need to keep the cameras rolling; next,  transport & insure the equipment for you. Finally, our experienced film crew knows how to get the most of each piece of equipment we supply in order to deliver the results you expect.

Our solutions have been created to facilitate your productions.

Plan your shot. We’ll shoot your plan. We’re at your service!

Our crew is here to facilitate your production by bringing technic and knowledge. Our know-how has developed during many film shootings across Canada, whether in film productions, TV series or advertising our passion for production makes us an asset for you. Another asset is our technical side, Bridging the gap between production and the technical side of a shoot is our strength.


Why do Directors decide to work with us?


Why do Producers prefer us ?


Local and International Producers choose to co-create with us. Discover what sets us apart and how we can help you achieve your goals.


How do Broadcasters benefit ?

Case Study Dîner à la Ferme au Canada

Discover why Réseau de Télévision Suisse (RTS) was pleased to collaborate with us on their reality TV Cooking show : Un dîner à la Ferme au Canada.

Explore Our Solutions


Our cinematography and camera team are constantly looking for the perfect image and ideal angle for your production.


Research department

A Canadian research team who knows the country from coast to coast. You have a subject, we know how to find it.


Our UAV department is available across Canada and gives directors and production managers a unique perspective on the action. Piloted by certified cameramen our pilots are also your camera crew so you don't have to double the number of technicians on set.

Drone department

A view from the sky, with our camera operator and drone pilot qualified to take you anywhere in Canada


Sound department

Image and sound are of equal importance. Our sound recordists are all about giving you an exceptional sound.


Lighting and gripping

Always behind the camera and invisible to the viewer, we are the miracles made of lights and steel.


Developed to enhance your film productions in Canada, our film Unit department has the expertise to support your film set wherever you want to go in the country.

Unit department

We are here for the film set to work perfectly. We are the first to arrive and the last to leave.


Film Locations department

Specialized in shooting locations, we accompany you in your choice of the perfect location for your shootings.


Motion Capture department

We have a studio specialized in motion capture. Whether you’re in Montreal or in Geneva, MOCAP sessions are international.



How can we be of service to you?

My name is Richard Duquette, Founder of Films.Solutions, DP and Chief Solutions Officer. My crew and I are always ready to collaborate with documentary and film visionaries like you. Whether you need a quick turn-around on a reshoot, or if you require a service producer, production coordination, data wrangling, location scouting or cinematography for your film or documentary, we are at your service. We collaborate with Directors, Producers and Broadcasters from all over the world. Specifically, we offer peace of mind by managing every detail of your documentary or film production so you can relax and focus on your creative vision. Feeling inspired?

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