Film Fixers | Line producer

Richard Duquette, executive producer and film fixer of Films.Solutions. Shooting in the Thetford mine area in Quebec. Search for filming locations and production monitoring for local and foreign producers.

Our friendly and efficient Film Fixers and Line producer will be the backbone of your production. From planning and pre-production, to production to post, we are first in and last out and handle everything in between while remaining calm under pressure. We are based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada but we also offer film fixing services throughout Canada from the Maritime Provinces to the Yukon and as far north as Nunavut.


Canadian Film Locations

Our Canadian experience has allowed us to meet many people across the country and to discover some really great shooting locations.

Finding the ideal location for films and documentaries in Canada is a passion project for us. We are always on the lookout for amazing locations and we’re currently working on building a database of all the locations we’ve vetted. Although we have locations from the East to the West, we specialize in locations based in Quebec and outside of Montreal.

Tell us about your idea and vision for the storyline. We’ll create a short list of ideal locations that are adapted to your budget. We can then help plan for transportation with our own vehicles or, if need be, we’ll book a fleet through our preferred partners.

Film Locations


our production team at work

Our film crew has worked together for a long time. Together, we have filmed, coast to coast, in the toughest of environments as far North as Nunavut and Yukon, as well as all the way down South to more tropical locations such as Mexico and Cuba.

Years of experience have taught us that with a positive mindset, each challenge or problem is an opportunity to take things to the next level. We have master communicators, multi-lingual (we speak French, English and Spanish) and known for being friendly and efficient. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished together as a team and we are eager to see what else is possible!


Art Department

A set technician during the shooting of a television commercial of Baileys liquor

For many years, members of our artistic department have been working in the Canadian film and television community. With artists in set design, set up or accessory management, every visual aspect is taken into account and managed throughout the production. Our design of the sets and accessories begins with the reception of the scenario with an analysis of each scene, as well as discussions with the director so that the credibility of each scene is optimal.
Whether artistic direction or accessory management on the set, we have the resources to carry out your production.

Camera, Lighting & Grip

film equipment test, here with a skypanel of Arri in our equipment warehouse

All our cameras, lights, sound and specialized filmmaking gear is fully insured and our experienced cameramen, lighting and grip technicians are fully trained to use each piece of equipment to its full potential.

Whether you need HD, 4K, 6K, or 8k Cameras, like Red, ARRI and Sony, a professional Camera Drone, Action Cameras such as a GoPro, or specialized Documentary Equipment such as Pelican bags and cases, data wrangling equipment, walkie talkies, sleeves for hot and cold climates,  and battery packs, we’ve got you covered.


Transports, Transfers & Vehicles

Our transport vehicles are always adapted to the ground conditions where we must go. Here in a Jeep while shooting a television series while we were approaching animals that were far from their breeding farm.

To ensure the smooth running of your productions, the Films.Solutions team provides you with a fleet of vehicles adapted to your needs. These vehicles come with experience drivers who are used to transporting personnel as well as equipment.  All of our drivers are bilingual and ensure the movement of the personalities of the artistic scene with discretion.

Through our suppliers, we are also able to provide you with production trailers for office, talent room, makeup and hair, trailers for extras, toilets, etc.

Mocap Department

Our Motion Capture & Full Performance Capture services utilises the very latest, cutting edge technology in Motion capture Systems. The camera system enables the recording of multiple performers – face, fingers, full body and final audio. Using face markers or markerless Head Mounted Cameras we record all of the expressions and nuances of the face for Full Performance Capture.

Mocap Department

Drone Department

Our team of filmmakers and drone operators are at your disposal for your film, documentary and television series projects across Canada. Our operators are primarily cameramen and directors of photography before being drone operators and our vision of the image is primarily dictated by an aesthetic rather than a just technical concern.

Drone Department

Sound Department

Our team of soundmen and sound engineers is there to optimize the sound experience and ensure the quality of a project. The members of the team are trained and equipped for sound recording and sound mixing of film, television, documentary, advertising and music production. Our sound specialists are able to recognize, analyze and understand all situations presented to them. Trained in the latest techniques and using high-end equipment for recordings such as sound recording and 5.1 or 7.1 mixing. Our sound department is entirely dedicated to the success of your production.

Sound Department

Logistics and Coordination

Wherever you want to go to Canada, we are able to accompany you. all major urban centers are easily accessible, but this is not always the case in remote communities. Let our team make your life easier with our Canadian experience.

Films.Solutions is composed of experienced and dynamic employees. The coordination of the logistical aspects of the shootings are carried out by a unit within our company that is seasoned with local and international productions. This unit has access to a database of technicians, shooting locations and companies working in the field of cinema that have resources complementary to that of Films.Solutions. The logistical aspects and the coordination are essential for the success of your productions. We understand this and do it very well.

Hotels & Accommodation

a great choice of hotel and accommodation wherever you want in Canada.

During your next productions in Canada, the Films.Solutions team is able to find you quality accommodation, close to the filming locations. With a large choice of hotels in the major centers, this choice is not obvious outside the big cities and considering the great distances in Canada, our experience of shooting in region becomes essential. Whether it’s a five-star hotel in the heart of Old Montreal, or a rustic inn a few miles from Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, we know where to stay.

Ready to Roll?

Tell us more about your film project! We want to know why you feel compelled to make your film and share that particular story with the world. What challenges are you facing and what kind of help do you need? We’re here to help you, every step of the way. Our mission is to take care of all the technical aspects of documentary & filmmaking so you can focus on your creative vision. Can you see it?