Our Motion Capture & Full Performance Capture services utilises the very latest, cutting edge technology in Motion capture Systems. The camera system enables the recording of multiple performers – face, fingers, full body and final audio. Using face markers or markerless Head Mounted Cameras we record all of the expressions and nuances of the face for Full Performance Capture.

The Studio also features HD reference cameras supported by an Autocue server system which allows clients, by simply touching a monitor screen, to review their results instantaneously. In addition clients benefit from AM Visualise, up to 4 performers rendered in realtime on the large screen projection system. Post-shoot selections are executed via our unique AM Live online tool suite, making ordering moves a fast and painless process.




  • Project Assessment : Full and thorough analysis of requirements, test shoots, sample animations and budget advice before full production.
  • Talent Sourcing and Casting : Selection from a range of experienced actors, artists and stunt performers to suit individual projects.
  • Prop Preparation : We can prepare and capture any prop you need. From our own inventory through to large builds.
  • Skeleton Tailoring Service : Preparation and adaptation of custom skeletons.
  • Additional pre-production services available by request.

Capture Services

  • Realtime Visualisation: Robust realtime up to 4 performers
  • Full Body: Single and multiple person simultaneously.
  • Hand and Finger Capture: Three finger or five finger capture.
  • Full Performance Capture: Capturing full body, face, fingers and final audio.à
  • Facial Capture: Marker based or markerless Full Performance Capture
  • Prop Capture: All variety of props built to your specification.

We also offer full casting and production services.
Whatever you need wherever you nee

Post Production

We provide a varied range of post-services apart from solved, re-targeted animation.

  • Conversion to different formats and output to all major 3D pipelines.
  • Animation post production including loops and blends.
  • Solving to custom rigs and skeletons.
  • Unparalled after sales support.
films Solutions Motion Capture Montreal Film Production personage

Using some of the highest grade technology available, we can bring a full performance capture solution to your project. All of this at the most competitive rates.

Motion Capture department film production services in Canada


Put a world of creativity at your fingertips, thanks to motion capture. Our motion capture specialists know how to maximize your production and let your imagination run wild.

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Endless Possibilities

Motion capture technology allows us an infinite number of possibilities. With the technology that has been in place for many years in our studio, we are able to simultaneously capture up to four characters in a multitude of situations. The size of our studio and the number of characters we are able to record at the same time allows us to offer affordable and fast service.
We also have directors  who are specialized in motion capture and who allow us to direct the actors in order to optimize the post-production of the recorded elements.

films Solutions Motion Capture Montreal Film Production Mocap


Filming mocap is the essential element of the production, because a taken decision of quality can not be replaced. Our team always promotes the importance of the overall vision of the project. The sooner we get involved in the project, the more we can interact effectively with our customers throughout the project.

No project is the same, so they require a specific approach and management.
Thanks to our vast experience, we can help you successfully and efficiently throughout the production of your project.

Mocap motion capture department montreal quebec canada

Our motion capture service offers a global service, with the ability to direct the session from your office or residence, no matter where it is in the world.

Our motion capture studio is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our MOCAP session service is global, so we are able to provide the services of Studio, Director, Actor, etc, wherever you are in the world.

Our specialist team can prepare your MOCAP session at a time that suits you, and, by teleconference, we will direct the actors according to your requests and technical specifications, and later we will send you the animation files to allow your animation specialist to do his or her magic.

The big studios can often charge tens of thousands of dollars a day to allow you to rent their services. With Films.Solutions, we are able to reduce much of these rates while offering you an exceptional quality service that is fast and flexible and will adapt to your specific needs.

Mocap full body suit
Richard Duquette, executive producer and film fixer of Films.Solutions. Shooting in the Thetford mine area in Quebec. Search for filming locations and production monitoring for local and foreign producers.


From planning and pre-production, to production to post, we are first in and last out and handle everything in between while remaining calm under pressure.

As part of our camera department, our camera crew is at work on a Swiss reality TV series, Diner à a Ferme au Canada. Director of photography, cameraman, sound recordists and director at work


We are constantly striving to reach new levels of expertise in capturing the light, expressing an emotion or telling a compelling story, right from the first shot.

Sound department

The members of the team are trained and equipped for sound recording and sound mixing of film, television, documentary, advertising and music production.

film equipment test, here with a skypanel of Arri in our equipment warehouse


Lighting and grip technicians are fully trained to use each piece of equipment to its full potential.

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