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  • Action filming and swat team. Film production specialiste and film fixer

crime scene reenactment

October 11th, 2020|Comments Off on crime scene reenactment

Scenes of investigation, reenactment and action One of the specialties we have been working on for several years is the production and reenactment of crime scenes, investigations, murders, and disappearances unsolved by the police [...]

  • Winter filming locations on a lakefront in Quebec. Log house with rocking chair. Filming locations in Quebec

The Location Scout and much more

March 12th, 2020|Comments Off on The Location Scout and much more

What makes a good Location Scout? Locations Scout: we know where to go As Canada's film production service specialists, FILMS.SOLUTION we always try to anticipate your need for your film, TV show and [...]

  • Richard Duquette, executive producer and film fix of Films.Solutions. Shooting in the Thetford mine area in Quebec. Search for filming locations and production monitoring for local and foreign producers.

Fixing in cinema: the film has its solution

February 20th, 2020|Comments Off on Fixing in cinema: the film has its solution

Fixing in cinema: the film has its solution Film Fixer: a profession What is a Film Fixer? It is a field resource, a facilitator. A fixer masters every stage of a production and his [...]

  • Filming in winter in the Yukon Territory for the TV Show The Great Trails, Our Canadian Film Fixer Crew was interviewing the owner of a Yukon Fatbike club, winter Filming in Canada

Filming in Winter

January 5th, 2020|Comments Off on Filming in Winter

Filming in winter, stay warm throughout the day The use of multilayer clothing is essential to ensure that you stay warm throughout the day when filming in winter. One of the aspects not to [...]