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When filming in Canada, our friendly and efficient Film Fixers, Canadian Crew and Production managers will be the backbone of your production. From planning and pre-production, to production and post, we are first in and last out, and we handle everything in between while remaining calm under pressure. We are based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, but we also offer film fixing services throughout Canada, from the Maritime Provinces to the Yukon and as far north as Nunavut.

Canada is a peaceful, safe and film-friendly country that offers an astounding diversity of filming environments. From coastal waters to lush forests and snow-capped mountains, to rolling hills, small quaint towns and villages to bustling cities, Canada is a film makers’s paradise. Montreal, in particular, is an important international film and television hub.

Our beautiful city has over 50 film studios has access to an extended network of qualified technicians industry experts to make your production a success.

For your next TV Show, documentary of film production in Canada, get in touch, we’ll be happy to open all the doors you need to make your production a reality..

Planning and Pre-Production

Finding the ideal location for films and documentaries in Canada is a passion project for us. We are always on the lookout for amazing locations and we’re currently working on building a database of all the locations we’ve vetted.  We thrive in extreme climates and difficult filming locations. We can take you to the bottom of a cavern, skiing down the side of a mountain or deep in the forest. What story will your location tell?

We want your entry and exit through customs and immigration to be as pleasant and efficient as possible. As such, we’ve established a solid partnership with a firm that specializes in Work Visa Acquisitions in order for you to have complete peace of mind.

Obtaining filming permits in Quebec and Canada  is relatively easy, but not simple when you don’t know who to contact or where to begin. We have a history with Telefilm Canada, the SODEC and most local film and television offices across Quebec and Canada. We’ve been acquiring film permits for years all around the province and the country, so we know exactly who to contact. We’ve established great working relationships that will save you time, money and effort. Whether you need to film on a busy city street, in a remote or rural location or on top of a mountain or even if you need drone permits. We’ve got you covered.

Since we speak the local language, we’re happy to serve as translators, guides and travel coordinators during your production. We can also provide logistical support as well as geographical, cultural or historical background information to help you enrich and add depth to your story.

Film Production in Canada

We handle all the moving parts of your production so you can focus on your creative vision. Among other software tools, we use Gorilla Production Suite in order to manage your film production and easily create Cast and Crew, Call sheets and dozens of other reports that are vital to an efficient workflow.

These days, we are all hyperconnected, but what happens when you are filming key scenes in the middle of nowhere? No worries, we always bring our satellite phones. Not only can we stay up to date with production calls and data transfers, but we are always one call away from emergency services, should we need them.

Whether you need HD, 4K, 6K, or 8k cameras, like Red, ARRI and Sony, a professional Camera Drone, Action Cameras such as a GoPro and a cable cam, or specialized Documentary Equipment such as Pelican bags and cases, data wrangling equipment, walkie talkies, sleeves for hot and cold climates, and battery packs, we’ve got you covered. We own most of the equipment and can outsource to trusted local partners for whatever piece of equipment you need, at a reasonable cost.

Our film fixing crew has worked together for so long that it feels like a second family, minus the sibling rivalry. We can provide line producers, cinematographer, first and second AC, first, second and third Ad, drone and steadicam operators, sound me, lighting and grip technicians, makeup and wardrobe artists, artistic directors, unit crew, drivers and more.

Your safety, and ours, is paramount. That’s why we are all fully trained in CPR and First Aid. Since we are often filming in remote locations, we’ve established a protocol for prevention and safety and we never take any unnecessary risks.

We are happy to provide comfortable and convenient accommodations for your cast and crew. We have partnered with a few trusted hotel chains across the country, but we also enjoy renting full homes with spa and lake access. Regardless of the location, you can be sure we keep expenses well within the budget while proving the best rest and rejuvenation for everyone involved. 

We can also provide full craft and catering services through local caterers and restaurants. We like to keep everyone well fed and hydrated throughout the day. It’s a delicious part of our job as fixers.

We have full liability insurance with Chubb Insurance Co of Canada to protect you, the cast and crew, the equipment and your production.


When production wraps, we handle all the equipment checks although, as a policy we return equipment as soon as it’s not needed. We then close the accounts, return the rented vehicles, fill out all appropriate paper work and tie up any loose ends.

Have you ever scrubbed a disk only to realize you had erased an entire day’s shooting? Have you felt the sting of having to deal with corrupted or unusable data? We feel your pain. Although handling backups and data wrangling seems like an easy job, it’s actually an extremely important one that can have a direct impact on your production.

That’s why we are so rigorous and methodical when it comes to backing up and preserving your precious data’s integrity. Since our Chief Solutions Officer has an IT background, we have very strict procedures in place to make sure we’ve got all our bases covered and that everything flows smoothly, from the start to the end of the production pipeline.

First, data is ingested. Next, we gather the media rushes, copy them and back them up. In preparation for post production, we take the time to review the footage to verify the integrity and quality of your data. We analyze whether there are timecode errors and we can easily warn the crew to pay attention and ensure optimal synchronization between sound and camera. We then produce log sheets, checksums and LUT’s in order to prepare the dailies and we export the low-resolution files (With LUT’s applied) into Avid to synchronize the sound. Finally, we export the dailies and transfer them to the post production team.

Once the backups have been tested, we format the cards and send them back to the camera crew. The backups are also saved to LTO, as we all know, that Hard Disks aren’t insurable…. And we enjoy being fully ensured. You will, too.

We are proactive by nature and we are happy to prepare the timeline for your project while we’re still on set. Whether you choose to work with Avid, FinalCut, Première or Resolve your project will be ready to be handed off to your post-production team.

Ready to Roll?

Tell us more about your film project! We want to know why you feel compelled to make your film and share that particular story with the world. What challenges are you facing and what kind of help do you need? We’re here to help you, every step of the way. Our mission is to take care of all the technical aspects of documentary & filmmaking so you can focus on your creative vision. Can you see it?

Our basic custom start at 5000$ per project and can include a professional crew, Camera camera, lighting, sound, grip, unit, data wrangling and insurance. Our packages are flexible and built according to your needs. Are you ready to proceed? Get in touch today. We will be happy to evaluate your needs, goals and intentions in order to create a customized solution for you.

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