Filming in Canada

Our mission, to make your next film production a success; and make Canada your go-to destination.

To come and film in Canada is to enjoy an exceptional production environment. At Films.Solutions, we put our Canadian experience at your service. For more than 10 years, we have been active in documentary, film, and television productions.

Through our competent, passionate and dedicated crew, we offer you the best for your film or documentary. We will accompany you from the beginning till the end of the project, including last-minute changes. Whether you are a producer, director or broadcaster, the crew will be mobilized to meet the needs of your film or audiovisual project down to the smallest detail.

Personalized professional service

Every project is unique. Our flexibility and our rates will align with your production budget. You simply need to share your specific needs with us, as well as your service expectations, and we will take care of finding the best-fitting means to complete your project.
In addition, our service production agency will also embrace your vision and will ensure a final faithful rendering of your dream project.

Making Canada your production destination offers a lot of advantages and allows you to focus on your production. Finally, Canadians are known to be warm, welcoming, tolerant and respectful people.

  • Top technicians

  • Top of the line equipment

  • Canadian dollars

  • Amazing filming Locations

  • Film Studios

  • Film permits

  • International talents

Discover Canada

Make Canada your go-to destination for your advertising, film, TV and documentary production.

Top technicians

A large range of projects

With hundreds of films, TV shows, and documentaries produced every year in Canada, our technicians are among the most qualified. With a well-stocked database, we have access to passionate and talented technicians.

Our actors are of diverse origin speak all languages and are extremely talented

International Talents

We have actors and talents who speak your language with your accent.

Canada was created by immigrants of all nationalities, as well as the First Nations. Our actors and comedians are of diverse origins, speak all languages, and are extremely talented. Using local actors allows you to save on transportation costs, accommodation, and visa applications.

The value of the Canadian dollar is very advantageous compared to the euro or the US dollar

Canadian dollars

the Canadian advantage against the euro and the US dollar

The value of the Canadian dollar is very advantageous compared to the Euro or the US dollar. Paired with our technicians, equipment and studios, productions in Canada are not only less expensive, but of exceptional quality.

film location in Canada city town farm landscape

Amazing filming Locations

9 984 670 km2 what more to say

Canada offers you exceptional panoramas, as well as towns and villages adapted to your productions. With a multitude of filming locations, from coast to coast to coast, and from the desert to the icebergs, you have something to dream about.

Film Studio in Canada

Film Studios

From desert to iceberg

Canada has some of the largest film studios in North America, with studios in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Films.Solutions mainly accesses the Montreal studios. Whatever the size of your production, we have the studio that will suit your needs and your budget.

With access to a range of state-of-the-art equipment, as well as exceptional know-how, we are able to provide you with a solution adapted to your requests

Equipment rental

We have acces to everything

With access to a range of state-of-the-art equipment, as well as exceptional know-how, we are able to provide you with a solution adapted to your requests

Getting a license to film is generally easy and many cities and towns are proud to host a production

Film permits

Easy and affordable

Getting a license to film is generally easy, and many cities and towns are proud to host a production. The Films.Solutions team will request all the permits required for your productions for you.

Canadian destinations

At Films.Solutions, we are used moving our teams across Canada and providing the technical support needed to keep productions running smoothly.

Filming in eastern Canada, The Maritimes

The Maritimes are a region of Eastern Canada consisting of three provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

The term Maritime means “at sea” and that is exactly what these three provinces are; miles of coastline. The economy of these provinces is directly dependent on the ocean. Filming in the Maritimes is mainly to discover the sea, small fishing villages and rock formations carved by years of erosion.

Film Locations in Eastern Canada

  • New Brunswick
    • The province of New Brunswick has both an inland and an oceanic heritage, boasting a significant sea coast and the imposing Bay of Fundy with its tides worthy of the Guinness Book of Records. The province is the only officially bilingual province, with a recent history of French-speaking and English-speaking settlers, and Amerindian presence dating back more than 10,000 years ago. For locations in natural settings, New Brunswick offers a great diversity with two national parks, five National Wildlife Areas, three Migratory Bird Sanctuaries, one Marine Protected Area, 34 Provincial Parks and 61 protected natural areas.
    • The province’s frontier is adjacent to that of Quebec, which facilitates film crew relocation.
  • Nova Scotia
    • Nova Scotia is a unique blend of vibrant urban centers, small villages, and miles of unspoiled coastline. Whether for fiction or documentary films as well as TV shows, there is a wide range of possibilities.
  • Prince Edward Island
    • The smallest province in Canada, but surely one of the most beautiful with its red sand beaches, green hills and farm, the terrain is flat in the east but hilly in the center and even mountainous to the west (highest point 142 meters). The towns and villages are of British inspiration with pretty houses everywhere around the small country lanes. All around the island, have seen fishing ports and places for tourists, especially in summer.

Film Location Permits

As with the majority of Canadian provinces, the Maritime Provinces are film-friendly, proud to share their heritage and help people discover their paradise on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Film or documentary production must still obtain the necessary authorizations to film in provincial and national parks as well as public places and historic places.

When To Shoot?

While the Maritime provinces are subject to the harshness of the oceanic climate, summers offer beautiful sunny days. Autumn offers a contrast of beautiful colors among the trees, ranging from bright yellow to fiery red, with the blue of the ocean. The winter is relatively cold, with considerable amounts of snow, especially in Northern New Brunswick and around the Cape Breton Peninsula in Nova Scotia. Temperatures are generally milder than the rest of Canada, with cooler summers and warmer winters due to the ocean. It is not uncommon to see people surfing South of Nova Scotia in the wintertime.

  • Some of the oldest city in north america

  • Seashore and fisherman

  • Relativelly short distance to travel

Filming in Yukon

Canada’s most Westerly territory, the Yukon, is vast, wild and beautiful.

The Yukon contains some of the most beautiful Canadian panoramas and lush wildlife. The various cities of the Yukon are all an attraction, whether it be Whitehorse surrounded by mountains, or Dawson City, that seems to come from another era.

The Film.Solutions team is accustomed to filming in the Yukon. With several television series produced here, we have great knowledge of the territory have developed friendships and business relationships over the years.

Film Locations Yukon

Yukon is known for its beautiful scenery and wilderness, but it doesn’t stop there. There are many interesting filming locations in cities with local character, such as the Whitehorse waterfront, shopping streets and industrial areas, or the Carmaks area, with gas stations and restaurants made of wood logs. Further North in Dawson City are the streets and back alleys, as well as the residential and business architecture. There are multiple saloons in Dawson, which reminds us of the epoque of the Gold Rush: walls covered in felted red tapestries and old photographs of the time portraying the first gold diggers. This it is not only authentic decor, it brings us back to the history and past life on the premises.

Here are some iconic Yukon landmarks: Dempster Highway, Tombstone Mountains, Carcross, the White Pass and the Kluane National Park.

Film Location Permits

Filming in the Yukon does not require a special permit unless you want to film in national parks, airports and highways. Filming on First Nations’ territory also requires permits, a permit to local authorities is needed. All permit applications must be accompanied by proof of insurance, which Films.Solutions can provide.

When To Shoot?

Like everywhere else in Canada, we can film all year long in the Yukon, but we have to take into account the important climate changes and the daytime period. Similar to other Northern Canadian territories, the Yukon has the midnight sun during the summer, but no sunshine in the winter. Summer temperatures are mild, with nice periods of sunshine; however, you have to prepare for the freezing cold for the winter.

  • Canadian Farnorth

  • Very helpful people

  • Wildernest at is best

  • Land of the gold rush

  • Authentic Saloons from the gold rush era

  • Midnight sun

  • Access to the Arctic ocean

Filming in Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador is perhaps the least known province in Canada, but it is also one of the most beautiful. It is reachable only by boat or by plane, because Newfoundland is an island, and unlike Prince Edward Island, there is no bridge to connect to the rest of Canada. As for the Labrador portion of the province, even though it shares a common border with Quebec, there is no direct route allowing access, the boat and the plane are still the only options.

Newfoundland and Labrador is Canada’s most easterly province, and with 400,000 square kilometres, it’s a great playground for filmmakers and documentary filmmakers. When one arrives for the first time on the island, they find unexpected, rough and mountainous landscapes. With its strong winds, the mist that sometimes covers the landscape leaves a ghostly impression when one looks too long at the horizon. One thing is certain, Newfoundland leaves no one indifferent.

Most of the coastal towns are very colourful, with houses painted brightly to allow the sailor to find their way home. Moreover, St John, the capital of the province, has several colourful neighborhoods and that is perhaps why the people of the island are so welcoming and festive.

Film Locations Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland can be separated into 7 major regions, each with particular features of interest to all filmmakers. Whether one is west or east of the island the hard and cut landscapes are simply beautiful.

  • Avalon
  • Cape Spear
  • Central, Eastern
  • Labrador
  • Northern
    • Gros Morne National Park
    • L’Anse aux Meadows
  • Western.

Film Location Permits

Film permits are required for national and provincial parks, public places and First Nations and Inuit territories. As far as private properties are concerned, we have always had excellent collaboration from the owners, the Newfoundlanders are true to their reputation, welcoming and friendly.

When To Shoot?

It’s spring in April and May and one can even icebergs and whales. During the summer, days are generally mild and sunny with beautiful views all around the island. In the fall, nature brings us its colorful leaves. Winter is cold, wet and snowy; there can be strong winds too.

  • Easy to fly technicien and equipment from Montreal

  • Land of the most beautiful Fjord in Canada

  • Oldest settlement in north America

  • Rugged Atlantic coastline

  • Picturesque fishing villages

  • Wildlife : moose, caribou, puffins and whales.

  • Irish and English heritage.

  • Viking village in northern Newfoundland

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