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Filming in Québec

The province of Quebec with the city of Montreal is one of the major film production centres in Canada. Quebec is Canada’s largest province, and has one of the largest location diversities. With several hundred films, documentaries, and television shows produced each year in Quebec we know how to manage efficiently a production, at Films.Solutions, we have immediate access to a large pool of technicians and production specialists.

When filming in Quebec with our crew at Films.Solutions, you have access to all regions of Quebec, we support you throughout your production, to ensure speed of execution, security and professionalism. Whether you want to film in the greater Montreal are, in the Gaspé Peninsula or in Nunavik, we are here for you.

  • Quality Driven –  We do not just want you to film here, but to come back.

  • Results Orientated – With high quality technicians, we give you the results you were hoping for.

  • We develop the network – Modern and efficient, we know where to go to meet your needs.

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Quebec, the french province of Canada

Yes, the main language in Quebec is French, but don’t worry, most Quebecers speak English and often a third language.  Quebecers are very proud of their French origins, but also of the cultural diversity that their openness to the world brings.  With constant immigration, we have resources in almost every language and culture.

All our professionals are bilingual and speak English and French. We have resources in German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi. Due to our many shootings across the country, we are able to offer guides in Aboriginal languages:

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Filming Equipment in Quebec

With such a large film community, we have all the film equipment you will need for your production.  From the latest generation of ARRI and RED cameras, to the SteadyCam and the latest generation of lighting, everything is available in Quebec.

Films.Solutions has an impressive amount of lighting and grip equipment as well as the technicians to use them.   As far as cameras are concerned, we have Sony cameras, action camera, 360 camera, drone and our suppliers are the same as for large international productions, so they can provide all the bigger cameras and prime lenses available.  The equipment is in sufficient quantity to ensure that you don’t lose time in case of equipment failure.  Montreal is one of Canada’s major road, rail and airport hubs; we are able to have equipment delivered anywhere in the country in less than 24 hours.

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One of the Greatest Diversity of Filming Locations in Canada

The province of Quebec with the city of Montreal is one of the major film production centres in Canada. Quebec is Canada’s largest province, and has one of the largest location diversities. With several hundred films, documentaries, and television hours produced each year in Quebec, Films.Solutions has immediate access to a large pool of technicians and production specialists.

Whether you’re looking for a maritime environment with small fishing villages, or the Arctic landscapes of northern Quebec, to cosmopolitan cities that are capable of transforming themselves into cities from the United States or Europe, Quebec has what you’re looking for.

With a site dedicated exclusively to filming locations in Quebec, our team is able to assist you in finding your dream set.


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Do I need insurance when shooting

The simple answer is yes but with Films.Solutions you are protected with our own insurance.  Films.Solutions is fully insured and we make sure that all production we are involved in, respect safety rules to protect the crew and the equipment.

Quebec Film locations

The cosmopolitan city of Montreal is Quebec’s largest city its main production center. Quebec province is carved by economic development, industrialization, and the extraction of natural resources, which have all shaped cities and landscapes in such a way that they offer extraordinary visual possibilities. Whether you’re looking for forests with endless trees, or huge open-pit mines, or hydroelectric dams in the background, we have them.

  • Extended Database Hundreds of filming locations available

  • Locations or Studios – Outside or inside we film where it suits you

  • Travel and logistic – We move our teams quickly and efficiently

Another characteristic of Quebec is its history, which represents an intricate and fascinating mix of French and English roots to create a unique blend of European and American-inspired architecture: in the South of the province, Victorian or colonial-inspired villages, and in the North, developed by French colonists. Filmmakers are therefore presented with a plethora of scenery choices. Why not take advantage of what the province has to offer?

Film permits

Quebec film location permits are required for filming on public property.  There are three film offices that can issue permits, as well as various organizations such as national parks and municipalities. Getting the licence is relatively easy and we are able to do it for you. One of the conditions for obtaining the permit is to have sufficient insurance. Our insurance is able to cover your productions in Canada.

  • Fast permit delivery – Complex or simple we quickly obtain the required permits

  • Contacts and ressources – we know where to go and who to talk to

  • Insurances – All the elements required to get things done

The Films.Solutions team travels to all regions of Quebec and is able to support you throughout your production; from the St. Lawrence River region, to the immense forests of the North or in Nunavik, the Arctic region of Quebec.

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When To Shoot

Film productions in Quebec are mainly made between April and November. The Quebec climate is mild, with four very distinct seasons. Temperatures can vary between +35 degrees Celsius in the summer to -40 degrees in the winter. Due to Quebec’s large geographical spread, temperatures from North to South greatly vary. Our team has specialized equipment for cold weather, and is able to accompany you in the cold of winter.

  • All year long services – From +35 celcius to -40 we are ready

  • Weather protected equipment – Keep all gears protected

  • Get ready – Our crew is up to the task

However, good news for all those who are concerned by extremely low temperatures: our cold is actually very dry, making the Quebec temperatures, oddly enough, far more tolerable than the cold and humid environments in some countries in Europe.

With over 25 studios ranging from 1,000 square feet to over 110,000 square feet, we are more than able to accommodate your production. Movies, Documentary, Advertising, Motion Capture, Green Screen.

Richard Duquette, executive producer and film fixer of Films.Solutions. Shooting in the Thetford mine area in Quebec. Search for filming locations and production monitoring for local and foreign producers.


From planning and pre-production, to production to post, we are first in and last out and handle everything in between while remaining calm under pressure.

As part of our camera department, our camera crew is at work on a Swiss reality TV series, Diner à a Ferme au Canada. Director of photography, cameraman, sound recordists and director at work


We are constantly striving to reach new levels of expertise in capturing the light, expressing an emotion or telling a compelling story, right from the first shot.

A set technician during the shooting of a television commercial of Baileys liquor

Art department

Whether artistic direction or accessory management on the set, we have the resources to carry out your production.


film equipment test, here with a skypanel of Arri in our equipment warehouse


Lighting and grip technicians are fully trained to use each piece of equipment to its full potential.

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