Fixing in cinema: the film has its solution

Fixing in cinema: the film has its solution

Film Fixer: a profession

What is a Film Fixer? It is a field resource, a facilitator. A fixer masters every stage of a production and his knowledge of the field is exponential. He knows the environment like the back of his hand and is committed to your needs on a technical, technological, budgetary and environmental level. He is also a tireless and curious researcher…

We might as well tell you: a good fixer is rare. It’s a profession in its own right.

King of the river - Film Fixer Canada on the saint-Laurent river from matane to the north shore having some fun with the crew

King of the river – Film Fixer Canada on the Saint Laurent river from Matane to the North Shore having some fun with the crew

A resource for producers

Knowledge of film locations, production, numbers, technical and logistical elements makes it indispensable: it speeds up production, improves it, adjusts to realities, goes beyond the norms, and strives for excellence. He is a special kind of line producer, able to cope with extreme conditions, ensuring the network, equipment and safety of the film crews.

The network goes beyond the technical aspects and the location. In all spheres of activity, he knows where the resources are and finds the solution to client requests.

At the information level, it is able to find the right information, the relevant witnesses. At Films.Solutions, for example, we have developed a journalistic research service and are also a resource for the production of documentaries, advertisements, video clips or commercials, photo shoots, promotions, tourist images and social acceptability films.

Films.Solutions: the solution for every situation

We specialize in the Film Fixing and Film production services.

With its various departments, Drones, Equipment, Travel and Accommodations, among others, Films.Solutions allows foreign producers to shoot in Canada by facilitating their stay, from customs services to filming permits, from travel to remote natural sites to hotel reservations. All at the best price.

To Canadian producers Films.Solutions brings its quality of service, accelerates production, finds the missing element, the location, the valuable witness, thus improving the overall quality of the production.

Extreme expertise

From Newfoundland to British Columbia, from the Yukon to Nunavut in Canada’s far north, our teams have travelled all across Canada. They have experience in all aspects of film production. The TV series « Les Grands Sentiers : Action et Aventure au Canada » is one example: the professionals at Films.Solutions are the MacGyver of the world of film and documentary production.

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