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Filmed on location in Quebec and the Yukon

Bye Bye la Suisse (Goodbye Switzerland) – Films.Solutions Case Study

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They are already dreaming of their new life while they are still in Switzerland. This is the intense period of preparations for departure. The three couples still have a long list of things to do before the big leap into the unknown. They have to say goodbye to their families and loved ones, but also to their home and their life in Switzerland. They are taking the opportunity to draw the outlines of their plans.

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Accolades from Journalist and Project Leader, Anne-Lise Von Bergen

Richard rendered a first-class service that has been highly reviewed by the film critics from around the world. His work and artistry made this production a multiple award winning piece! Richard Duquette is a world class cinematographer and we highly recommend his work.

Anne-Lise Von Bergen - Reporter, RTS


What can I say other than “Awesome”! From my perspective, everything is perfect. The format, the encapsulation, the frame rate, the audio distribution … All perfect. Really, a big thank you for your responsiveness and your concern to find the right solutions. It’s such a pleasure to collaborate with you!

Guillaume Fialip - Editor - , RTS


The field production team for Bebey Switzerland

ByeBye la Suisse (Byebye Switzerland)

Reporter and Project Leader Anne-Lise Von Bergen
Director of Photography Richard Duquette
Post-Prod: Guillaume Fialip
Participants : Aline Muller, Frederick Muller

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