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Dîner à la ferme au Canada (Dining at the Farm, Canada)- Films.Solutions Case Study

Dîner à la Ferme au Canada RTS


Dîner à la Ferme au Canada  Film Gallery

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Dîner à la Ferme au Canada

Dîner à la ferme au Canada

Director Mauro Losa
Produced by RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse)

Producers: Émile Felber Chief Producer RTS
Cinematography: Patrick MounoudRichard Duquette, Nicolas P.
Sound: Raphaël Crohas
Datawrangling : Emilie Marchand

Participants :  Harry Reber, Anne Jacquet,  Eddie Kessler, Cornelia Villeneuve,  Claudine Vannod,  Jean-Philippe Cuenoud, Eric Dupasquier


We’ve produced several seasons of un Dîner à la Ferme in Swizerland over the last few years. As such, our team understands the producer’s needs perfectly. We thought it might be a challenge embark on a  Canadian edition of our program with a local canadian film crew. However, as soon as we met our Canadian counterparts, we knew we were dealing with seasoned professionals. Richard and his film crew were able to quickly integrate with our Swiss production crew and understood our production’s challenges and requirements. I’m happy to recommend Richard and his team for their kindness and efficiency.

Patrick Mounoud DP


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