Project Description

The Lower Works


It’s a big North American city these days. The criminal organization of BILLY BURINE, the small mob boss, is in full swing. Like any thriving small business, it employs all kinds of personalities, from the doddering employee to the obtuse boss to the bootlicker on duty. Its semi-annual goals and business plan are similar to those of a company that works “honestly. However, his competitive methods are often more expeditious and radical.

Within this small local mafia, two henchmen from the Boss spend their time waiting between missions and philosophizing about life, the world, the daily grind or current events with a capital E, everything is grinded to a halt from their very particular point of view. Characterized by the discrepancy between the singular place (above the laws) they occupy in the socio-professional universe, and their daily concerns, very down-to-earth, the series aims to be a distorting mirror of society in general, and corporate life in particular, seen through the prism of the specific world of gangsters.