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Serpent’s Lullaby – Films.Solutions Case Study

Serpent’s Lullaby Film Gallery

Accolades from Director, Patricia Chica

Richard rendered a first-class service that has been highly reviewed by the film critics from around the world. His work and artistry made this production a multiple award winning piece! Richard Duquette is a world class cinematographer and we highly recommend his work.

Patricia Chica - Director, Flirt Films

International Critical Acclaim

Awards and Accolades

67th Cannes Film Festival, Cannes, France – Hightlights of the Short Film Corner

Reviews & Praise

The cinematography is absolutely beautiful, it is unlike anything you have seen before.”

WEB / FaceBook: Horror Fuel / Twitter: @ZADF_ORG 

Kelli Marchman McNeely (aka McNeely) , Horror Fuel CEO

Incredible cinematography and beautiful coloring…smooth and flowing camera motions

Kirsten Walsh, Rogue Cinema

Visuals find beauty among the bleak and I found a Hammer Film Productions and grand European horror feel to Serpent’s Lullaby

Joseph Perry , Gruesome Magazine

Cinematography courtesy of Richard Duquette is somewhat reminiscent of the best of Chanel’s advertising in that it is packed with stylish symbolism and comes across as very classy.

Kayleigh Marie Edwards , GINGER NUTS OF HORROR


Serpent’s Lullaby

A film by award-winning filmmaker Patricia Chica
Written by Charles Hall
Produced in collaboration with Forge Films and Byron A. Martin Productions

Executive Producers: Byron A. Martin, David Angel, Lily Spencer
Cinematography: Richard Duquette
Animal Wranglers: Violet and Kim Rock
Production Designer: Richard Cardinal
Editing: Patricia Chica
Music: Sean O’Bryan Smith
Post-Prod: RedLab Digital, Premium Sound & Switch VFX
Actors: Jenimay Walker, Annabella Hart, Richard Cardinal, Samuel Nadeau

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