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Dîner à la ferme en Argentine saison 1 (Dining at the Farm in Argentina)- Films.Solutions Case Study


Dîner à la Ferme en Argentine Film Gallery

The Argentinian Dinner starts around a monument to the Valais emigration, the last Dutch-style mill still intact in Argentina, named after its builder, an emigré of Vex, Jean Forclaz.

The four guests of the first dinner – Christoph, Aldo, Pedro and Eduardo – will meet at the foot of this mill before returning home with their host, Carina, whose ancestors left the mountains of Valais for the banks of the Uruguay River. Carina and her family run a farm market in central Argentina.

Moment of nostalgia for Adriana and Carina Pralong. Through family photos, they rediscover the history of their ancestors and remember their Swiss cousins.

CHRISTOPH SCHAER The second stage of dinner in Argentina brings us to Patagonia. In an atmosphere of southern western, Christoph, gentleman farmer from the Emmental, raises his thousand merino sheep on an area equivalent to twice that of the canton of Geneva. As an aperitif, he will treat his guests with breaded cutlets of Guanaco, the sylvester of the domesticated lama. And as a main dish you can taste one of the most popular dishes of Argentina: the authentic Patagonian sheep braised in a wood fire.

Christoph F Schaer loves the freedom that Patagonia offers him. But this region of southern Argentina has surprises and you have to be pioneers to make a living.

In Patagonia, it only rains 200 millilitres a year. Discover how Christoph Schaer goes about watering his sheep in this arid region.

ALDO CETTOUR During the third stage of the Argentinian Dinner, we will discover the green world of Aldo market gardening in his garden of San José. The guests will taste his artisanal sausages made in his artisan charcuterie according to the Valais tradition. As an appetizer, it will offer grilled meat, a fish from the Uruguay river of the catfish family, as a main course a rare commodity in Argentina, deer fillet and as a dessert a Dulce de leche cheesecake.

Welcome to Eduardo’s home in the tropical world of the province of Misiones. We will discover the secrets of the production of Mate, a stimulating infusion that is the Argentine national drink. Eduardo will offer his guests an aperitif as in the days of the pioneers: in a wood fire, in a clearing in the middle of the jungle, manioc bread and a pot with Guaranian Indian flavors. For dinner, they will enjoy a Paraguayan soup as a starter and a bream of the Paraná river as a dish. The dessert will be a Mate mousse.

PERITO MORENO FINAL The Perito Moreno Glacier is the natural theater of monumental nature, a vestige of the Ice Age. The regular thunders and crackles announcing the breaking of ice floes. The five competitors find themselves on the gangways of Glacier National Park and watch the spectacle fascinated. They then meet Manuella Maury in a centenary estancia for a last dinner in Patagonian gastronomy. They will then begin a journey to the origins of the world, in the heart of a subpolar nature completely devoid of any human presence where Manuella will award the price of this Dinner in Argentina 2019.

PEDRO ANTONINI The penultimate stage of the Argentinean Dinner brings us to the vast lands of the Ticino Pedro, Dean of the series, around Tandil in the province of Buenos Aires. On the menu, a turkey marinade with vegetables from the farm as input. As a main dish, the real “asado” of beef and pork in slow cooking over a wood fire. As a dessert, Pedro and his wife Inès offer strawberry and fig pies from their garden.

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An Argentinian dinner

Director Mauro Losa
Produced by FrameVox for RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse)

Cinematography: Richard Duquette, Patrick Mounoud. Samuel Brisson
Datawrangling : Emilie Marchand
Sound : Olivier Larue, Julien Lapzinski

Participants : Carina Pralong, Christoph Schaer, Aldo Cettour, Pedro Antonini et Eduardo de Coulon


This program has been produced several times in Switzerland and Canada with a team that, over the years, knew the needs of the production perfectly and especially had a wonderful understanding. with our Canadian counterparts we knew that we had with us, a team of technicians and creators of experience and a great professionalism, perfectly integrate with our Swiss team and knowing the requirements required for this work. I’m happy to recommend Richard and his team for their kindness and efficiency.

Patrick Mounoud DP


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