Bye bye la Suisse – Aline and Frederic Muëller on top of the midnight Dome


No trip to Dawson is complete without capturing a photograph of yourself atop the Midnight Dome. Drive or hike to this incredible vantage point and take in a panoramic view of the region.  Marvel in the beauty of the Yukon River and Klondike Valleys, and spy on the Ogilvie Mountain Range in the distance. Driving [...]

Bye bye la Suisse – The midnight Dome highest point around Dawson City


An amazing filming location, Yukon, Canada. At the top of the Dome, we can see the great Yukon River in front of us During the filming of the "Byebye Switzerland" series, members of the Films.Solutions team traveled through some of the most beautiful regions of the Yukon. Here we are at the top of [...]