Walter 100%


WALTER 100 % Charming, funny, and irreverent, Walter bumbles his way through hilarious situations while trying to right environmental wrongs. A mix of Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean, this broad physical comedy series with special effects has a highly unusual star. A cartoon character comes to life while relying on "green" tricks up his sleeve [...]

Bye Bye la Suisse


Filmed on location in Quebec and the Yukon Bye Bye la Suisse (Goodbye Switzerland) - Films.Solutions Case Study They are already dreaming of their new life while they are still in Switzerland. This is the intense period of preparations for departure. The three couples still have a [...]

King of the River


8000km, 42 days, MULTIPLE EXTREME FILMING LOCATIONS King of the River - Films.Solutions Case Study In King of the River (2nd Season), André Paradis, world renowned expert fisherman, shares his passion for Atlantic salmon fly fishing as well as the majestic landscapes at the end [...]

Diner à la Ferme au Canada Saison 2


SWISS REALITY TV SHOW FILMED ON LOCATION IN QUEBEC AND ONTARIO Dîner à la ferme au Canada saison 2 (Dining at the Farm 2, Canada)- Films.Solutions Case Study Storyline “Dining at the Farm Canadian Edition” Dîner à la Ferme au Canada is a Swiss TV Reality show (by RTS) [...]

Diner à la Ferme au Canada Saison 1


SWISS REALITY TV SHOW FILMED ON LOCATION IN QUEBEC Dîner à la ferme au Canada (Dining at the Farm, Canada)- Films.Solutions Case Study RTS (Radio Télévision Suisse) first hired us in July, 2016 to shoot the introduction episode of the sixth season of a Swiss reality TV series called Dining at the Farm; Canadian Edition.  Un dîner à la [...]

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